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Optical Respite Provider

Health & Fitness Lifestyle
Developer: Lifestyle Guru, LLC
19.99 USD

Modern daily life is very complicated, you often spend several hours working at the computer both at the office and home. As the result, your eyes get tired very quickly. In order to avoid the harmful effects caused by excessive tension, take breaks from time to time and try the special exercises for eyes provided by our app. You wont forget to take a break because our app will give you a reminder!

HOW TO USE: First of all, set the time and the length of your breaks. When its time for a break, do different exercises for eyes: read the short notes and use the pictures as hints.

Optical Respite Provider features:
- Set the personal schedule of breaks and choose their time and length;
- Try different exercises for eyes — the pictures will show you the possible techniques;
- Now youll never forget to give your eyes some rest!
- Take care of your health on regular basis: treat carefully your vision.

Our tool for relaxation will help you realize the real importance of taking regular care of your eyes health.